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Sargent Acrylic Paint Packs

Sargent Acrylic Paint Packs
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Sargent Acrylic Paints are opaque and vibrantly colored, acrylic paints that offer excellent coverage and a water-resistant permanent finish. Bendable colors for the creation of new colors and gradation blends. Three Basic Sets: Primary 6-Pack includes: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White And Black 12 Ct. Acrylic Paint Set includes: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White, Black, Violet, Orange, Brown, Magenta & Turquoise Blue. 24 Ct. Acrylic Paint Set includes: 24 High Quality Colors

6 Count Acrlic Set 665420 $ 4.10
12 Count Acrylic Set 665421 $ 5.44
24 Count Acrylic Set 665524 $ 9.99
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