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Standard Woodcarving Set

X-Acto Standard Woodcarving Set includes a heavy-duty plastic handle knife and includes the following list of blades for narrow cuts, deep cross cuts, leveling, initial shaping and whittling.

These are the essential gouges and blades for woodcarving:

  • #18 Heavy Weight Chisel
  • #19 Angled Wood Chisel
  • #22 Large Curved Carving  Blade
  • #24 Deburring Blade
  • #26 Whittling Blade
  • #15 Keywhole Saw
  • 1/16" U Gouge
  • 3/8" Wide U Gouge
  • 3/8" Wide V Gouge
  • 3/16" Narrow V Gouge
  • 1/4" Wide Chisel Gouge
  • 3/16" Narrow Chisel Gouge
Standard Woodcarving Set
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Standard X-Acto Wood Set X5224 $ 20.29
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