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Res-N-Gel Medium

Res-N-Gel Medium
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37 ml or 150 ml tube Res-N-Gel is a full strength, ready to use, synthetic resin gel. It produces a transparent, yet full bodied color which extends expensive oil colors. It is ideal for glazing effects. Res-N-Gel� gives a buttery brush response, prevents colors from running, retains character of brush strokes, holds sharply defined detail, adds luminosity and brilliance to colors and accelerates drying. An excellent medium for painting with either brush or palette knife to create a full range of impasto, opaque, translucent glazed effects. AP Nontoxic.

Res-N-Gel 37 ml 2760 $ 5.69
Res-N-Gel 150 ml 2761 $ 12.03
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