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Frame & Mat Shop

Enhance your work of art with Matting Boards, Bainbridge Papermat , Bainbridge 100% Rag board, Lineco preservation materials the choice of museums all over the world for archival mediums and conservation materials , Logan pre-cut Mats(with separate backing sheets) and Nielsen Frame Kits.

Museum KitNeutral PH Adhesive
Large Glue Brush
Neutral PH Adhesive
Backing Paper
Frame Backing Paper(Acid-Free)
Conservation Quality Board
Mi-Teintes Framing Board 32x40
Mi-Teintes Framing Board 16x20
Elmer's Leafing Painter Markers
Gold Leafing Painter
Copper Leafing Painter
Glassine Sheets
Unbuffered Interleaving Glassine
Glassine Rolls
Acid-Free Glassine Rolls
Canson Glassine Roll
Handheld Mat Cutters
#701-1 Straight Cutter Elite
L5000 8-Ply Mat Cutter
Illustration Board
Letramax Illustration Board
Lineco Conservation Materials
Gummed Paper Tape
Museum Kit
Neutral PH Adhesive
Ph Testing Pen
Red Eye Photo Retouching Pen
See-Thru Mounting Strips
White Glow Photo Retouch Pen
Lineco Easel Backs
Easel Backs, Single Wing
Lineco Mounting Tissue
Mounting/Hinging Tissue
Transparent Mending Tissue
Unbuffered Acid-Free Tissue
Lineco Pre-Cut Mat Kits
Pre-Cut Presentation Mat Kit
Logan Pre-Cut Mat Board
Logan Palette Pre-Cut Mats
Backing Sheets(Chip Board)
Mat Board
Bainbridge Papermat Board
Two-sided Mat Board
Museum Quality Board
Alpharag Artcare Mat Board
Nielson Aluminum Frame Kits
Matte Black Aluminum Frame Kits
Gold Aluminum Frame Kits
Silver Aluminum Frame Kits
Nielsen Wood Frame Kits
Natural Wood Frame Kit
Photo Corners
Lineco Paper Corners
Lineco Pressure-Sensitive Photo Corners
Mylar Self-Adhesive Mounting Tabs
Self-Adhesive Photo Tabs
Straight Edges
Logan Team System-Plus
Tombow MONO Liquid Glue
MONO Aqua Liquid Glue
MONO Multi Liquid Glue