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Craft Supplies

Everything for your crafting needs! Craft brushes in china bristle and foam. Papier Mache Masks, Papier Mache Boxes, white plastic masks,felt, pom-poms, Wonderfoam, gimp, feathers, colored sand and wiggle eyes to glue(under glues & adhesives), glitter, craft sticks, dowels and woodsies! **NEW**unique aerosol sprays from Krylon like glitter spray, glowz,looking glass and krylon premium metallic finishes

Wiggle Eyes ClasspackPapier Mache MasksHot Marble Pom Pom Assortment
Chenille Stems
Chenille Stems
Colossal Chenille Stems
Bump Stems
China Brushes
Craft Brushes
Colored Sand
Colored Sand
Scenic Sand 10 Pack
Craft Paste
Amaco Rice Paste PowderPrimex Shipping
Amaco Wheat Paste 8 ozPrimex Shipping
Craft Fluffs
Craft Fluffs by Creativity Street
Aleene's Instant Decoupage
Embossed Papers
Embossed Paper Leaf SetPrimex Shipping
Fiskars Craft Tools
Fiskars Hand Punches
Foam Brushes
Jen Poly-BrushPrimex Shipping
Decorative Craft Sprays
Krylon Magnetic Paint
Glitter Shakers Project Popperz
Spectra Glitter 1 lb Jars
Pastel Glitter Sparkling Crystals 3/4 ozPrimex Shipping
Sakura Glaze Pen
Glaze Art PensPrimex Shipping
Glaze Art PensPrimex Shipping
Decorative Gemstones
Acrylic Gemstone AssortmentPrimex Shipping
Kids Craft Supplies
Art YarnPrimex Shipping
Alien Mask
Mardi Gras Mask
Paperboard Masks
Papier Mache Masks
White Plastic Masks
Fredrix Paint-A-ShapesPrimex Shipping
Papier Mache
Paper Mache Apple Box
Paper Mache Trunk
Papier Mache Boxes
Papier Mache Frames
Party Bags
#6 Party Bags
Peel 'n Stick Gemstones
Alphabet GemstonesPrimex Shipping
Bright Flower GemstonesPrimex Shipping
Candy Mint GemstonesPrimex Shipping
Dazzling Flower GemstonesPrimex Shipping
Jewel-Shaped GemstonesPrimex Shipping
Plastic Lacing
Rexlace Finding Assortment
Pom Poms
Hot Marble Pom Pom Assortment
Jumbo Animal Pom Pom Assortment
Pastel Pom Pom Jumbo Assortment
Puffy Poms
Valentine Pom Pom Assortment
Pom Pom Pound Bonus Pkg
Sanding & Prepping Tools
3M Sandpaper
Loew Cornell Sanding BlockPrimex Shipping
Loew Cornell Steel WoolPrimex Shipping
Lowell Cornell Sanding SpongePrimex Shipping
Sequins 1ozPrimex Shipping
Sequins and SpanglesPrimex Shipping
Sequins & Spangles Shaker Jar 8 ozPrimex Shipping
Glittering Confetti 4 ozPrimex Shipping
Glittering Confetti Jar 8 ozPrimex Shipping
Tie Dye
Jacquard Tie Dye Kit
Wiggle Eyes
Wiggle Eyes - Single Sizes 100pkPrimex Shipping
Blue, Black, Pink Oval EyesPrimex Shipping
Round Wiggle Eye AssortmentPrimex Shipping
Wiggle Eyes ClasspackPrimex Shipping
Peel 'n Stick Wiggle EyesPrimex Shipping
Round & Oval AssortmentPrimex Shipping
WireForm Modeling Wire
Wonderfoam Geometric Shapes
Wonderfoam Magnet Letters and Numbers
Wonderfoam 1/2 Pound Tub of Foam Pieces
Wonderfoam 1/2 Pount Tub of Letters & Numbers
Wonderfoam Building Blocks
Wonderfoam Peel & Stick Hearts
Wonderfoam Peel & Stick Asst. Shapes 720ct
Wonderfoam Assorted Shapes
Wonderfoam Pieces Glitter Peel & Stick
Wonderfoam 9x12 Assorted Sheets
Wonderfoam Sheets 9x12 Peel & Stick
Wonderfoam Sheets 9x12 Animal Prints
Wonderfoam Beads 400 ct
Wonderfoam 3D Stickers