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X-Acto Tools

For more than 50 years, X-ACTO has been the name crafters, artists and hobbyists have depended on for quality, precision-crafted tools to handle a complete spectrum of task expertly.

X-Tra Hands with MagnifierSmall Metal Mitre BoxDeluxe Woodcarving Set
X-Tra HandsPrimex Shipping
X-Tra Hands with MagnifierPrimex Shipping
Wood Carving Sets
Deluxe Woodcarving SetPrimex Shipping
Standard Woodcarving Set
X-Acto Basic Knife SetPrimex Shipping
X-Acto Precison Knife SetPrimex Shipping
X-Acto Saws
No.15 Keyhole Saw BladePrimex Shipping
Small Metal Mitre BoxPrimex Shipping
Small Metal Mitre Box SetPrimex Shipping
X-Acto Saw BladesPrimex Shipping