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Fiskars rotary trimmers, Fiskars personal trimmers with a choice of 10 decorative blades, Fiskars edgers, Dahle's metal based Hobby Trimmer with decorative blades. **NEW** from Dahle, a 13" personal trimmer with three heads and cutting mat included!! *NEW*Logan Graphic's Art Deckle ruler line. X-Acto products, X-Acto rotary trimmers, X-Acto guillotine paper cutters and self-healing mats.Dahle's Vantage Guillotine Paper Cutters with steel base, one-piece metal blade/handle.X-Acto mitre sets to aid in frame making.

Dahle Vantage Paper CuttersX-Acto Self-Healing MatsFiskars Paper Edgers
Color Cutters
Painters Color Cutters
Fiskars Paper Edgers
Contemporary Edgers Set
Fiskars Shape Cutters
Fiskars Oval Cutter
Fiskars Tool Taxi
Tool Taxi
Guillotine Paper Cutters
Dahle Vantage Paper Cutters
X-ACTO Heavy-Duty Paper Cutter
Rotary Trimmers
Fiskars Paper Trimmer
Fiskars Rotary Trimmer
Fiskars Softouch Rotary Hand CutterPrimex Shipping
X-ACTO Free Form Trimmer
Rotary Trimmer Blades
Dahle Decorative BladesPrimex Shipping
Fiskars Rotary Trimmer Blades
Self-Healing Mats
Alvin Self-Healing Mats
Alvin Self-Healing Mat Kits
X-Acto Self-Healing Mats
X-Acto Self-Healing Mat Sets
Vantage Self-Healing Mats