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Detail and Craft Brushes

Hake brushes, Dynasty Brush Sets, Winsor & Newton Regency Brushes. Winsor & newton Sceptre gold design rounds, riggers and one-strokes. Princeton's 3050 series miniature detail brushes.

Detail Brush-RoundsSceptre Gold II 202 Designer RoundsDetail Brush- Liner
Decorative Miniatures-Synthetic Sable
Detail Brush-FilbertPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush-FanPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- LinerPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- SpotterPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- Tight Spotter DetailerPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush - Flat ShaderPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- MonogramPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- Extra Long LinerPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- Deer FootPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- Dagger StripperPrimex Shipping
Detail Brush- GrainerPrimex Shipping
Accessories, Brushes
Sponge RollerPrimex Shipping
Princeton 3750 Select Brush
3750 Select - RoundsPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Short LinersPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - LinersPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Script LinerPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - SpottersPrimex Shipping
3750 Select- GrainersPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Filbert GrainersPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Lunar MopPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Oval Mop WavePrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Oval WashPrimex Shipping
3750 Select- Flat WashPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - FanPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Lunar BlenderPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Round Blender Primex Shipping
3750 Select- Flat ShadersPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Angle ShaderPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Dagger StriperPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Chisel BlenderPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - Bristle BrightPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - FilbertPrimex Shipping
3750 Select - DeerfootPrimex Shipping
Princeton 6850 Summit Series
White Synthetic SH Angle ShadersPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH Angle WashPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH FanPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH Filbert BrushPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH Flat ShaderPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH Flat WashPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH LinersPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH RoundsPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH Short LinerPrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH StrokePrimex Shipping
White Synthetic SH Wash BrushPrimex Shipping
Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold
Sceptre Gold II 101 RoundsPrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II 202 Designer RoundsPrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II 303 RiggerPrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II 404 Round Long HandlePrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II 505 Flat Long HandlePrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II 606 Flat WashPrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II 808 FanPrimex Shipping
Sceptre Gold II Wash BrushesPrimex Shipping