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Sumi Painting

Sumi brushes, sketching pens, bokuju ink, sumi ink sticks, suzuri stones, hake brushes, fudemaki, rice paper rolls(kozo and unryu) and other accessories. New sumi watercolour sets in semimoist pans from Yasutomo.

Rice Paper PadsFudemaki(brush holder)Sumi Bako Set
Bamboo Brush Vase
Flora-shape Porcelain DishPrimex Shipping
Eight Section Porcelain DishPrimex Shipping
Fudemaki(brush holder)Primex Shipping
Rubbing BarrenPrimex Shipping
Bamboo Sumi Pens
Bamboo Sketching PensPrimex Shipping
Combo Bamboo Pen & BrushPrimex Shipping
Chinese Watercolors
Chinese Watercolor SetPrimex Shipping
Hake Brushes
Sheep Hair Hake BrushesPrimex Shipping
Princeton Hake BrushesPrimex Shipping
Breakaway Hake BrushesPrimex Shipping
Samba Hair BrushesPrimex Shipping
India Ink
Bokuju or Sumi InkPrimex Shipping
Bokuju Black
Sumi Ink StickPrimex Shipping
Sumi Stick HolderPrimex Shipping
Suzuri Ink StonesPrimex Shipping
Kumanofude Brushes
Kumanofude BrushesPrimex Shipping
Rice Paper
Japanese Rice Paper Rolls
Rice Paper Pads
Paper WeightPrimex Shipping
Shikishi Board
Shikishi White Gasen BoardPrimex Shipping
Shikishi Metallic BoardPrimex Shipping
Shikishi Paper PadPrimex Shipping
Sumi Brushes
Sumi CC BrushesPrimex Shipping
All Purpose BrushesPrimex Shipping
Sumi Calligraphy Sets
Sumi Bako SetPrimex Shipping
Sumi Bako Set in Carrying Case
Sumi Watercolours
Sumi Watercolor SetPrimex Shipping
Sumi Pearlescent SetPrimex Shipping
Sumi Metallic SetPrimex Shipping
Traditional Chinese Ink
Authentic Chinese Ink BlackPrimex Shipping
Authentic Chinese Ultra Black InkPrimex Shipping