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Higgins Pigment-Based Colored Inks

Pigment-based Colored Inks Higgins pigment-based ink performs like liquid watercolor with beautiful color concentration and movement. These inks are known for their extreme lightfast and non-fading qualities among a brilliant line of colors. Waterproof, Fade-proof.


Waterproof - For use on paper, board and film. Use with dip pen or brush. Select colors are able to be used with airbrush. Semi-gloss. Student Grade.              


Higgins Pigment-Based Colored Inks
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Pigment-based Blue 1oz. 44685 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Brown 1oz. 44705 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Carmine 1oz 44655 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Green 1oz. 44695 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Lemon 1oz 44625 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Magenta 1oz 44665 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Red 1oz. 44645 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Violet 1oz 44675 $ 3.45
Pigment-based Yellow 1oz 44635 $ 3.45
Super White 1 oz. Waterproof 44100 $ 4.74
Pigment-Based Ink White 1 oz. Waterproof 44113 $ 4.74
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