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Yarka`s St. Petersburg Set

Yarka`s St. Petersburg Set
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The St. Petersburg 24 Pan Professional Watercolor Set is lightfast and colorfast, Russian-made in a factory that has been known for its quality for more than a century. The liquid-poured process, using the finest pigments available, produces professional-grade watercolors that create a colorful fantasy as only the finest watercolors can. This set has 24 large pan moist watercolors in a neat plastic carry case. It is compact and yet carries a broad selection of colors. The set includes a printed color chart and an ingenious plastic palette. All **NEW**options are the Yarka Sequel set of 24 new colors and the Yarka Expanded Set.

Yarka Original 24 Set G58024 $ 85.67
Yarka Sequel 24 Set G58030 $ 85.67
Yarka Expanded 24 Set G58023 $ 85.67
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