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Folded Blanket Canvas

Folded Blanket Canvas
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Three yard pieces of 12 oz unprimed Fredrix Dixie cotton duck Fredrix canvas of varying widths folded blanketlike in self-sealing vinyl carriers for easy storage and transport. No more unwieldy rolls with frayed, dirty edges. After cutting the size canvas your project or commission requires refold and store in dirt proof conainer. Other sizes and weights canvas available upon request.

Blanketfold Canvas 54``x3 Yards 15103 $ 44.56
Blanketfold Canvas 60``x3 yards 15113 $ 49.13
Blanketfold Canvas 72``x3 yards 15123 $ 53.70
Blanketfold Canvas 84``x3 yards 15133 $ 55.68
Blanketfold Canvas 96``x3 yards 15143 $ 62.23
Blanketfold Canvas 96``x6 yards 15146 $ 101.54
Blanketfold Canvas 120``x3 yards 15153 $ 75.33
Blanketfold Canvas 72``x6 yards 15126 $ 81.89
Blanketfold Canvas 84``x 6 yards 15136 $ 94.99
Blanketfold Canvas 144``x 6 yards 15166 $ 137.57
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