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Water Soluable Screen Printing Ink 8 oz

Water Soluable Screen Printing Ink 8 oz
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Watersoluble inks are completely safe for home, school and industrial use. They are non-toxic and non-flammable, and as such allow for expiramentation at any location. They offer the advantage of soap & water cleanup without the loss of color intensity or durability. They can be mixed to brilliant transparency with Transparent Extender base to allow the white surface of the paper to show through much like watercolours.

8oz Black 4540 $ 7.35
8oz Blue 4542 $ 7.35
8oz Brown 4546 $ 7.35
8oz Green 4544 $ 7.35
8oz Magenta 4549 $ 7.35
8oz Orange 4547 $ 7.35
8oz Red 4541 $ 7.35
8oz Violet 4548 $ 7.35
8oz White 4543 $ 7.35
8oz Yellow 4545 $ 7.35
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