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Stainless Steel cork-back Rulers

Non-skid Flexible Vocational Stainless Steel Rules Made of finest quality stainless steel with non-skid STA-PUT backing that won’t slip, on glass or polished surfaces. Flexible enough to permit measuring curved surfaces. Raised edges eliminate ink blots and smearing. Permanent acid etched graduations won’t wear off. Graduated to 32nds and 16ths and metric to permit close work. 6 inch to 36 inch (yardstick ruler).

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12" Stainless Steel w/Cork Back R590-12 $ 3.40
18" Stainless Steel w/Cork Back 22360R $ 5.59
24" Stainless Steel w/Cork Back R590-24 $ 6.96
36" Stainless Steel w/Cork Back R590-36 $ 12.03