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Grumbacher Academy Oil Colors (150ml)

A full range of traditional oil colors for the painter who demands good quality materials, but also appreciates good prices. The Academy range includes genuine pigment colors as well as mixed hues. All colors have excellent tinting strength, and the whites are absolutely non-yellowing!

Grumbacher Academy Oil Colors (150ml)
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Alizarin Crimson 150ml T00111 $ 11.13
Burnt Sienna 150ml T02311 $ 11.13
Burnt Umber150ml T02411 $ 11.13
Cadmium Yellow Pale150ml T32011 $ 11.13
Cerulean Blue150ml T03911 $ 11.13
Dioxazine Purple150ml T06111 $ 11.13
Grumbacher Red150ml T09511 $ 11.13
Ivory Black150ml T11511 $ 11.13
Payne`s Gray150ml T15611 $ 11.13
Raw Sienna150ml T17111 $ 11.13
Raw Umber150ml T17211 $ 11.13
Thalo Green150ml T20511 $ 11.13
Titanium White150ml T21211 $ 11.13
Ultramarine Blue150ml T07611 $ 11.13
Viridian150ml T23211 $ 11.13
Yellow Ochre150ml T24411 $ 11.13
Zinc White150ml T24811 $ 11.13
Lemon Yellow150ml T11811 $ 11.13
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