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Grumbacher Artist's Varnish

Pure gum damar processed by a special Grumbacher method. Clear and transparent. A high gloss final varnish that deepens and enriches artists' dry oil paintings. Protects oil paintings from dirt, moisture and scuffing. Quick-drying and permanent. When properly used it will not "bloom", or cloud with age. Easily removed with Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine or Grumtine™. Not soluble in mineral spirits, petroleum solvents or any odorless paint thinners.



Grumbacher Artist's Varnish
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Damar Varnish 2.5 oz 569-2 $ 7.44
Picture Varnish 2.5 oz 550-2 $ 8.16
Oil Paint Restorer 2.5 oz 578-2 $ 8.97
ReTouch Varnish 2.5 oz 563-2 $ 7.83
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