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Liquitex Iridescent Metallics

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Liquitex Iridescent Metallics in 2 oz tubes. 8 shades in brights, and antiques of the premiere acryllic. The choice of artists and crafters for illumination, furniture design and painting.

Liquitex Iridescent Acrylic paints are also known as metallic paints that mimic the effect of bronzing powders. Liquitex Iridescent paints do not tarnish unlike bronzing powders which cannot be used with acrylic emulsions due to the alkalinity of the binder.

  • Liquitex Iridescent Colors produce a variety of non-tarnishing iridescent or metallic effects
  • Made from titanium coated mica flakes with an outer layer of a transparent light absorbing colorant, rather than traditional pigments 
  • Light absorbing colored layers determine the observed color
  • Iridescent pigments are "optically opaque" and they rely on reflected light only for their effect. No Interference "flip" color is observed


  • They can be used alone or mixed with other Liquitex Colors and Liquitex Mediums for a variety of iridescent, metallic effects
  • Transparent and translucent colors provide the best results for mixing
  • Mix with small amounts of Liquitex Acrylic Colors for variety of "metallic" colors, i.e. copper with green = antique copper
  • Mix with Liquitex Soft Body Mediums for "metallic" glazes
  • Mix with Liquitex Texture Gel Mediums for "metallic" textures
  •  Liquitex Iridescent White is added to other color to attain pearlescent qualities



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Irridescent Bright Silver 1045236 $ 8.03
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Irridescent Rich Gold 1045235 $ 8.03
Irridescent Rich Silver 1045239 $ 8.03
Irridescent White 1045238 $ 8.03