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Sharpie RT(Retractable)

Sharpie RT(Retractable)
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Sharpie RT(retractable) - Features & Benefits Sharpie RT eliminates the need for capping and uncapping - No lost caps! Sharpie RT includes a safety seal valve, preventing leakage and dry out Sharpie RT permanent ink marks on most hard to mark surfaces Sharpie RT ink is quick drying and AP certified non-toxic

Qualifies for flat-rate shipping!

Sharpie RT Black 36701 $ 2.09
Sharpie RT Red 36702 $ 2.09
Sharpie RT Blue 36703 $ 2.09
Sharpie RT Green 36704 $ 2.09
Sharpie RT Orange 36706 $ 1.90
Sharpie RT Turquoise 36710 $ 2.09
Sharpie RT Lime 36713 $ 1.96
Sharpie RT Berry 36716 $ 2.09
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