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Prismacolor Colored Pencil Sets

 Prismacolor Art Pencils are available in the latest colors to meet the needs of today's artist. Featuring thick, soft leads, containing permanent brilliant pigments which are smooth, water-resistant and lightfast. Colors can be easily blended on almost any surface to form an infinite variety of hues and shades.

Prismacolor Colored Pencil Sets
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Prismacolor 12 Pencil Set 03596 $ 15.08
Prismacolor 24 Pencil Set 03597 $ 30.14
Prismacolor 36 Pencil Set 92885 $ 44.39
Prismacolor 48 Pencil Set 03598 $ 59.21
Prismacolor 72 Pencil Set 03599 $ 88.53
Prismacolor 150 Pencil Set 1799879 $ 187.67
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