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Mona Lisa Pink Soap

Cleans oil, acrylic, and watercolor paint from brushes, and also conditions and helps to reshape brushes. Lotionized, but leaves no greasy after-feel for cleaning hands. Mona Lisa pink soap has found many uses besides artists brushes, including the cleaning of jewelry, stones, stove tops, microwave ovens, and greasy skillets. Remove stains from clothing, upholstery, and carpets. Contains no chlorides, alkalis, phosphates, solvents, or alcohol.

Mona Lisa Pink Soap
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Pink Soap 1oz. 00132-67A $ 1.82
Pink Soap 4oz. 00132-64 $ 3.34
Pink Soap 12oz. 00132-66 $ 6.55
Pink Soap Gallon 00132-68G $ 56.07
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