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Gamblin Reds

Red is the symbol of an active mind. In China, ruby is a symbol of long life. In Ireland, the red hand protects the innocent from harm. Red means love. In Goethe's color system, red has the highest energy. Its sound is middle C. In England, physicians wore red robes as a symbol of the healing profession

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Gamblin Reds
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Alizarin Crimson 37 ml 1020G $ 12.92
Alizarin Permanent 37 ml 1025G $ 12.92
Brown Pink 37 ml 1050G $ 9.28
Cadmium Red Deep 37 ml 1160G $ 21.67
Cadmium Red Light 37 ml 1140G $ 21.67
Cadmium Red Medium 37 ml 1150G $ 21.67
Gamblin Flesh Tone 37 ml 1195G $ 9.28
Indian Red 37 ml 1330G $ 7.67
Napthol Red 37 ml 1470G $ 9.28
Napthol Scarlet 37 ml 1475G $ 9.28
Perylene Red 1520G $ 12.92
Quinacridone Red 37 ml 1590G $ 12.92
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