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Gamblin Yellows

The color yellow appears to advance. It has the highest reflectivity of any color. The yellow nimbus of the Egyptians symbolized power. The halo of the saints is an aura of glory. Yellow is the color of the Buddha. According to a 19th century seer, yellow emanates from intellectual persons. In synesthesia, the sound of the oboe is clear yellow.

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Gamblin Yellows
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Cadmium Lemon 37 ml 1165G $ 18.17
Cadmium Yellow Deep 37 ml 1190G $ 18.17
Cadmium Yellow Light 37 ml 1170G $ 18.17
Cadmium Yellow Medium 37 ml 1180G $ 18.17
Hansa Yellow Deep 37 ml 1315G $ 12.92
Hansa Yellow Light 37 ml 1300G $ 12.92
Hansa Yellow Medium 37 ml 1310G $ 12.92
Indian Yellow 37 ml 1350G $ 12.92
Naples Yellow Hue 37 ml 1450G $ 9.28
Nickel Titanate Yellow 37 ml 1480G $ 12.92
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