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Gamblin Blues

Blue is the soothing color of intellect, symbol of devotion to noble ideas. While blue is abundant in sky and water, it is scarce under ground. Until the beginning of the 18th century, the only blue oil colors were made from semi-precious stones, like lapis lazuli and azurite, or a ground cobalt blue glass called smalt.

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Gamblin Blues
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Cerulean Blue 37 ml 1200G $ 25.17
Cerulean Blue Hue 37 ml 1210G $ 9.28
Cobalt Blue 37 ml 1220G $ 21.67
Cobalt Teal 37 ml 1225G $ 18.17
Indanthrone Blue 37 ml 1320G $ 12.92
Manganese Blue Hue 37 ml 1400G $ 9.28
Phthalo Turquoise 37 ml 1535G $ 9.28
Prussian Blue 37 ml 1560G $ 9.28
Pthalo Blue 37 ml 1530G $ 9.28
Ultramarine Blue 37 ml 1700G $ 9.28
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