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Gamblin Violets

There is violet light but no purple light. Purple is not abundant in nature. Phoenicians had to grind millions of mollusc "purpura" shells to make enough dye for their emperors' clothes. Purple is the color of power and of power corrupted, wine and wantonness. Usually a mixed color made from a cool red and a warm blue, purple symbolizes both sensuality and repentance. Purple is the color of Lent. Kandinsky described violet as red withdrawn from humanity by blue.

Gamblin Violets
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Cobalt Violet 37 ml 1240G $ 25.17
Dioxanine Purple 37 ml 1260G $ 9.28
Manganese Violet 37 ml 1410G $ 12.92
Quinacridone Magenta 37 ml 1580G $ 12.92
Quinacridone Violet 37 ml 1595G $ 12.92
Ultramarine Violet 37 ml 1710G $ 9.28
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