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Gamblin Earths

Old Masters' paintings were mostly brown because earth colors were the only lightfast pigments available. Found all over the earth in various shades of brown and muted shades of red, orange, yellow and green, earth colors have been on artists' palettes for more than 40,000 years. Other minerals deposited with iron oxides, such as calcium, manganese or carbon, alter the colors.

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Gamblin Earths
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Burnt Sienna 37 ml 1060G $ 7.67
Burnt Umber 37 ml 1080G $ 7.67
Gold Ochre 1280G $ 9.28
Indian Red 37 ml 1330G $ 7.67
Raw Sienna 37 ml 1610G $ 7.67
Raw Umber 37 ml 1620G $ 7.67
Transparent Earth Orange 37 ml 1681G $ 12.92
Transparent Earth Red 37 ml 1682G $ 12.92
Transparent Earth Yellow 37 ml 1683G $ 12.92
Transparent Orange 37 ml 1680G $ 12.92
Van Dyke Brown 37 ml 1720G $ 7.67
Venetian Red 37 ml 1730G $ 7.67
Yellow Ochre 37 ml 1780G $ 7.67
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