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Gamblin Blacks & Greys

Black, first among the alchemical principles, is the action of fire. Charcoal was probably the first drawing tool. With white chalk and red earth colors, black formed the palette of prehistoric painters. Da Vinci counted black pigments among the most important to create tone, tint and shade. Tintoretto often underpainted in black. While long associated with darkness and mourning, black has been a popular fashion color since the 16th century CE.

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Gamblin Blacks & Greys
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Chromatic Black 37 ml 1212G $ 9.28
Portland Cool Grey 37 ml 1554G $ 9.28
Portland Grey Deep 37 ml 1553G $ 9.28
Portland Grey Light 37 ml 1551G $ 9.28
Portland Grey Medium 37 ml 1552G $ 9.28
Portland Warm Grey 37 ml 1555G $ 9.28
Ivory Black 37 ml 1360G $ 7.67
Mars Black 37 ml 1430G $ 7.67
Payne's Grey 37 ml 1550G $ 9.28
Asphaltum 37 ml 1030G $ 12.92
Black Spinel 37 ml 1045G $ 18.17
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