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Gamblin Whites

When selecting white oil colors, consider the "reducing power" of the white. The more opaque the white, the higher its tinting strength and the more it will "reduce" the color. The higher the reducing power, the lighter the value of the color/white mixture (tint).

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Gamblin Whites
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Cool White 37 ml 1800G $ 7.67
Flake White Replacement 37 ml 1825G $ 7.67
Quick Dry White 37 ml 1840G $ 7.67
Radiant White 37 ml 1890G $ 9.28
Titanium Buff 37 ml 1815G $ 7.67
Titanium White 37 ml 1810G $ 7.67
Titanium-Zinc White 37 ml 1820G $ 7.67
Warm White 37 ml 1805G $ 7.67
Zinc White 37 ml 1830G $ 7.67
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