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Gamblin Oranges

Naranj" is Arabic for ORANGE. It is derived from a Sanskrit word for "fruit approved by elephants." Arab traders brought oranges to Europe around the 11th century CE. The word "orange" most often brings food to mind. It is the color of safety. Orange life vests are easily seen on dark and stormy seas. Always a warm advancing color, orange is the forerunner of the sun. Unlike red and yellow, when deepened, orange becomes brighter instead of darker. It is the Autumn.

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Gamblin Oranges
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Permanent Orange 37 ml 1505G $ 12.92
Transparent Orange 37 ml 1680G $ 12.92
Cadmium Orange 37 ml 1120G $ 18.17
Cadmium Orange Deep 37 ml 1125G $ 18.17
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