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Gamblin Radiant Colors

Gamblin Radiant Colors
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Gamblin Radiant Colors are eight tints - mixtures of pure color and white, at Value 7 on the Munsell System evenly spaced around the color wheel. Using tints, painters can make the brightest paintings. Light hits the painting and most of the light bounces directly off the surface. This is a traditional form of direct painting. Also using the Radiant tints, painters can build under paintings in the traditional manner then glazing to achieve optical effects of light and shade.

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Radiant Lemon 37 ml. 1850G $ 9.28
Radiant Yellow 37 ml. 1855G $ 9.28
Radiant Red 37 ml. 1860G $ 9.28
Radiant Magenta 37 ml. 1865G $ 9.28
Radiant Violet 37 ml. 1870G $ 9.28
Radiant Blue 37 ml. 1875G $ 9.28
Radiant Turquoise 37 ml. 1880G $ 9.28
Radiant Green 37 ml. 1885G $ 9.28
Radiant White 37 ml. 1890G $ 9.28
Radiant White 150 ml. 2890G $ 23.77
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