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Acryla Gouache Black & White

Gamblins Black, Greys and White are perfect selection for the Designer as well as Student.

An ideal addition to the mediums available to the Artist, Designer and Student. 90 colors, including 10 metallic and 4 luminous finishes, in a pure water soluble acryl resin which dries to the smooth mat finish as does the Holbein Designer Gouache in gum arabic. It is rated for light fastness, hue, value and chroma and is made from the purest pigments available. Not easily water soluble, it may be used as a successful ground which will not contaminate over painted layers. It does not have as fragile a surface as traditional gouache in gum arabic and is compatible with all water soluble media regardless of origin.

Acryla Gouache Black & White
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Neutral Grey #1 20 ml D161 $ 6.27
Neutral Grey #2 20 ml D162 $ 6.27
Neutral Grey #3 20 ml D163 $ 6.27
Neutral Grey #4 20 ml D164 $ 6.27
Chinese White 20 ml D152 $ 6.27
Chinese White 40 ml D852 $ 11.17
Titanium White 20 ml D151 $ 6.27
Titanium White 40 ml D851 $ 11.17
Jet Black 20 ml D136 $ 6.27
Jet Black 40 ml D836 $ 11.17
Lamp Black 20 ml D137 $ 6.27
Lamp Black 40 ml D837 $ 11.17
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