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Factis Plastic Erasers

Factis Plastic Erasers
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Factis erasers feature two popular varieties: P-12: General's Factis P-12 Plastic eraser is formulated for use with graphite on tracing papers and films. A non-abrasive and self cleaning eraser it removes graphite lines without ghosting. Latex Free. ES-20: General's Factis ES-20 Extra Soft White Vinyl Eraser is ideal for erasing charcoal, pastel, and graphite. Gentile enough to use on fine, handmade papers, or papers with a tooth. Ideal for shading and highlighting it can easily be cut down to smaller sizes. Absorbent enough to pick up oil paint from canvases. Latex Free.

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Factis Eraser one dozen P12 $ 8.57
Extra Soft Eraser (20 to a box) ES20 $ 12.22
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