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Strathmore Photomount Cards

Photomount Cards & Envelopes: Mount your own photos, artwork or pictures to the front of these beautifully embossed cards. Included in each package are double-stick tabs for adhering up to a 4"x6" picture.

Make Beautiful Memories with Strathmore Photomount Cards


Even with emails, Facetime, and Skype, nothing tops getting a personalized card in the mail. If you’re looking to send out unique invitations or holiday greeting cards, Strathmore photomount cards can help you add a personal touch to your correspondence.


Send a Smile

Your family and friends will be sure to light up when they receive your personalized cards. Use these photomount cards to mount your own photos, artwork, or pictured to the front of these beautifully embossed cards. These are great for sending your children’s artwork to relatives out of town or displaying engagement photos, school pictures, or vacation snapshots. These cards also work well as a relatively simple art project for younger children, making them an ideal choice for educators and art teachers. To use, simply insert your photo at the folded edges of the card. You can decorate or print on the rest of the card and envelope in whatever way you wish.


Our Strathmore Photomount Cards

At Art Supplies Wholesale, we offer a variety of photomount cards to meet your specific needs. Choose from ten and fifty pack sets in either white or black depending on the photo you’re adding and the occasion you’re celebrating with the card. Each package includes double-stick tabs for adhering up to a 4” by 6” picture and matching envelopes. All of these cards are acid-free and printed on high-quality paper.


Order your photomount cards from Art Supplies Wholesale today! All of our orders ship within 48 hours of receipt, so you can start crafting right away! 

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Photo mount WHT 10 pk 105180 $ 6.53
Photo mount BLACK 10 pk 105195 $ 7.59
Photo mount WHT 50 pk 105230 $ 28.95
Photo mount WHT 100 pk 105-680 $ 50.19