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Clear-Scratch Film Sheets

Clear-Scratch Film Sheets
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Discover a hundred-and-one creative uses for this unique variation of Scratch-Lite® from Scratch-Art®! Clear-Scratch™ is a black-coated clear film sheet ready for scratching. Scratch with a wood drawing stylus and expose the totally clear surface beneath. Then, select any background opaque colored paper, foil, etc. to place behind the scratched sheet to create fascinating pictorial results. For a rear-lit stained glass effect, use colored cellophane or draw with crayons or markers on translucent vellum or tracing paper. Clear-Scratch™ Sheets can also be used as a positive film mask with photographic paper or with light-sensitive blueprint paper. Wood stylus sold separately. Instructions included. 10 sheets are 8" x 9 3/4".

Clear-Scratch Film Sheets(10 pack) 1367 $ 8.33
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