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Color Aid Paper 314 set

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Since 1948 Color-aid Corp. has been manufacturing the Color-aid system of colored paper. Initially developed as a backdrop for photographers, Color-aid was soon thereafter discovered by Josef Albers and has since then become an indispensable teaching tool in art and design classes.

Graphic illustrators, fashion designers, architects, photographers, interior designers, artists and other creative professionals depend on Color-aid papers for many of their projects. Color-aid products are being used now more than ever throughout the country and over-seas.

In 1990 the Color-aid system was expanded to 314 colors to meet the demand for brighter colors, a wider range of pastels ("muted" or "soft" colors), and lighter tints.

314 colors. 24 basic hues, 4 tints and 3 shades of each hue, 8 greys, black and white. Color Aid papers take pencil, ink, showcard and tempera colors, Non-bleeding and erasable. The new Color-aid system is divided into 7 individual sections for easy use. The sections consist of: Hue and Tint, Extra Hue, Light Tint, Gray, Dark Shade, Shade & Pastel, and Light Pastel. These sections are interrelated.

We offer all 4 size sets of Color Aid 314                 All Color Aid Paper is non-returnable

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