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Pentel Super High -Polymer 5 MM Leads

Packaged 12 leads to a tube and availabe in all 12 degrees these leads break less, last longer, write smoother and produce dense black lines that resist smearing.

Pentel Super High -Polymer 5 MM Leads
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5MM 6H Pentel Lead C505-6H $ 1.29
5MM 5H Pentel Lead C505-5H $ 1.29
5MM 4H Pentel Lead C505-4H $ 1.29
5MM 3H Pentel Lead C505-3H $ 1.29
5MM 2H Pentel Lead C505-2H $ 1.29
5MM H Pentel Lead C505-H $ 1.29
5MM F Pentel Lead C505-F $ 1.29
5MM HB Pentel Lead C505-HB $ 1.29
5MM B Pentel Lead C505-B $ 1.29
5MM 2B Pentel Lead C505-2B $ 1.29
5MM 3B Pentel Lead C505-3B $ 1.29
5MM 4B Pentel Lead C505-4B $ 1.29
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