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Double Tack 2-Sided Film

Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film is an acrylic-based, acid free, adhesive backed, double sided adhesive film is heat resistant, transparent and won't yellow over time, it's tear resistant and bonds instantly to many surfaces; paper, fabric, wood, metal, plastic and glass. Available in the archival and the original version 9" x 12" 6 pack.

Also available in 18"x24" Sheets. minimum order 5 sheets

Double Tack 2-Sided Film
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Archival Double Tack 9" x 12" 6-Pack KDT912-6 $ 9.94
Archival Double Tac 18"x24" SDT1824 $ 3.82
Archival Double Tac 24"x36" SDT2436 $ 7.03
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