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Solid Marker Slims

Solid Marker Slims
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The legendary SOLID MARKER is solidified paint in a marker stick. It marks through oil, grease, rust, mud, snow—inside or outside. Dries within minutes, and is permanent once dry. The special stay freshtwist mechanism keeps paint fresh and ready to use. Solid Marker Slim features a tough, broad stroke, is quick-drying and virtually odorless. PREVENT GRAFFITI ! This product is intended for industrial and commercial purposes only.

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Solid Marker Slim Black XSCS-49 $ 2.70
Solid Marker Slim Red XSCS-19 $ 2.70
Solid Marker Slim White XSCS-50 $ 2.70
Solid Marker Slim Yellow XSCS-3 $ 2.70
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