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Derwent Watersoluable Graphitint Pencils

Derwent Watersoluable Graphitint Pencils
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Subtle dry tones, deep rich washes

If you’d like to introduce some colour to your graphite drawings, this pencil does it all! Used dry, Graphitint provides just a hint of colour but adding water literally transforms the tint into rich, vibrant colour. Graphitint has the same properties as our 4B Watersoluble Sketching pencil so it will appeal to artists looking to add a colourful dimension to their graphite drawings but retain all the familiar qualities of their favourite graphite pencil.

Qualifies for flat-rate shipping!

Graphitint 6 pack on Card 0700801 $ 10.19
Graphitint 12 pack in Tin 0700802 $ 20.39
Graphitint 24 Pack in Tin 0700803 $ 50.25
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