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Conte Crayon Classics Dozens

Conte Crayon Classics Dozens
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Over the decades, the quality of Conte products and the extent of its ranges have enabled Conte A Paris to establish itself as a true reference for artists world-wide. They are made from compressed chalk and graphite bound together with gum and a little grease and formed into square-sectioned sticks. Used by top masters, amateur artists and art students alike, Conte offers the widest variety of techniques and effects possible for drawing, sketching and pastel work. The high quality range of products offered range from crayons in classic and traditional colors(black, grey, white, sanguine and bistre) and sets.

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Conte Crayon Bistre(Sepia)-Dzn 2254 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon B Black-Dzn 2260 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon 2B Black-Dzn 2259 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon Black HB-Dzn 2261 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon Gray-Dzn 2258 $ 14.76
Conte Crayon Sang Natural-Dzn 2250 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon Sang XV111-Dzn 2251 $ 14.76
Conte Crayon Sang Watteau-Dzn 2252 $ 14.76
Conte Crayon Sang Medicis-Dzn 2253 $ 14.76
Conte Crayon White B - Dzn 2256 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon White 2B Dzn 2255 $ 14.93
Conte Crayon White HB - Dzn 2257 $ 14.93
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