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Gamvar Gloss Finish Varnish

Gamvar Gloss Finish Varnish
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Gamvar Picture Varnish in the Gloss  is the ideal varnish for contemporary painters. Gamvar was developed in collaboration with conservators in Britain's National Gallery, The Tate, The Getty and Americas National Gallery of Art. Many of the most priceless works of art in these museums' collections are preserved and protected with Gamvar Picture Varnish.

Gamvar goes on water-clear , stays water-clear, richly saturates colors, and may safely removed for cleaning with Gamsol. A 4 oz Size Gamvar will cover 30-40 square feet of painting. your milage may vary...paintings with a great deal of texture will use more varnish.

Now available in three sizes

Gamvar Picture Varnish 4oz. 10054G $ 10.46
Gamvar Picture Varnish 8 OZ 10058G $ 17.47
Gamvar Picture Varnish 16 OZ 10516G $ 28.67
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