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Grumbacher Damar Varnish

Grumbacher's colorless, genuine damar varnish for use as a final protective coating on thoroughly dry oil paintings. It brings out the beauty of colors with an even soft gloss or matte finish. Protects oil paintings from dirt, moisture and scuffing. Transparent, quick-drying and permanent. When properly used it will not "bloom", or cloud with age. Designed to provide a uniformly fine mist. Easily removed with Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine or Grumtine™. Not soluble in mineral spirits, petroleum solvents or any odorless paint thinners.

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Available in Matte or Gloss

Grumbacher Damar Varnish
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Damar Varnish Gloss 12.75oz 545 $ 10.02
Damar Varnish Matte 4.5oz 633 $ 6.30
Damar Varnish Matte 12.75oz 533 $ 9.96
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