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Arches Watercolor Paper- Hot Press

Classic Arches Watercolor Paper:

  • Proffessional Grade of the Highest Quality
  • 100% Cotton, Cylinder Mould made with natural Gelatin Sizing
  • Flawless Hot Press Surfaces with Deckle Edges, Acid Free.
  • Contains Anti Microbial agent to help resist Mildew


Suitable Usage for other media: Pencil,  Gouache, Acrylic and framing needs.

Minimum Order 5 Sheets

Arches Watercolor Paper- Hot Press
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90LB Hot Press 22x30 sheet 523-11 $ 5.04
140LB Hot Press -22x30 523-14 $ 7.08
300LB Hot Press 22x30 523-24 $ 13.92
Oversized 25.4x40" 260 HP 523-25 $ 13.26
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