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Mi-Teintes Touch

The well-known and loved pastel paper, Mi-Teintes, is now available in a sanded pastel format. Introducing Mi-Teintes Touch. Pastel artists will love the unique surface texture of Mi-Teintes® Touch as it allows for many creative possibilities and layering of pigments. A great palette of cool blues, warm earth, and grey tones are now available to support a wide range of artist creativity.. Pastels, charcoal, crayons, & acrylic perform beautifully.


Minimum Order is 5 Sheets

Mi-Teintes Touch
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Mi-Teintes Touch Black 22x30 2-5949 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Cream 22x30 2-5962 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Dk Gray 22x30 2-5950 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Flannel Grey22x30 2-5953 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Indigo 22x30 2-5954 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Lt Blue 22x30 2-5955 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Sand 22x30 2-5961 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Steel Grey 22x30 2-5952 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch Tobacco 22x30 2-5959 $ 8.70
Mi-Teintes Touch White 22x30 2-5965 $ 8.70
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