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OPEN Acylic Gels

OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss and Matte) has a slightly softer feel than our Regular Gel (Gloss) and the same consistency as OPEN colors. It can be used for glazes and to extend the paints while maintaining working properties of OPEN acrylics.

 OPEN Gels and Mediums are compatible with Golden Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylic colors, as well as regular acrylic gels and mediums and will increase open time while altering their consistency.

Modifying Viscosity, Opacity and Sheen
Use OPEN Gel, Medium, and Thinner to alter the viscosity, transparency, and flow of OPEN Acrylics while maintaining their optimal working time. OPEN Gel and Medium can be added in any ratio, while additions of OPEN Thinner should not exceed 3 parts paint to 1 part Thinner. As most OPEN Acrylics will dry to a satin-like sheen, mixing with OPEN Gel and Medium will also increase the overall gloss.

Faster drying GOLDEN products can also be used, keeping in mind that these mixtures will reduce the overall drying time of the resulting blend. To increase opacity, mix with GOLDEN Acrylic Colors or GOLDEN Pastes. To alter sheen, use any of the GOLDEN Gels and Mediums. Alternatively, the sheen can be modified at the level of a topcoat or varnish. 


OPEN Acylic Gels
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OPEN Gloss Gel 8 oz G31355 $ 11.19
OPEN Gloss Gel 16 oz G31356 $ 19.03
OPEN Matte Gel 8 oz G31365 $ 11.19
OPEN Matte Gel 16 oz G31366 $ 19.03
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