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Akua Wiping Fabric

• Ideal for wiping all types of intaglio plates.
• Made from sturdy, long lasting and lint free polyester
• Smoother and softer than tarlatan
• Offers solid areas of color without streaking
• Akua ink will never dry and harden on this fabric
• Save money by reusing over and over again.

How to Determine How Much to Buy
Width size is 19 inches. It wiI will take about 1 yard x 19” of fabric to make a wiping pad for small plates and about 2 yards x 19” of fabric for large plates.



Akua Wiping Fabric
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Wiping Fabric 10 Yards WIPE10 $ 14.25
Wiping Fabric 100 Yards WIPE100 $ 112.50
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