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Holbein Professional Brayer Wooden Handle

Holbeins Japanese Professional Brayers with soft 28 Durometer Rubber. Available in choice of 5 widths. All versions are 1.75" in diameter.


Ideal for relief printmaking, these sturdy, well-made brayers use tough Nitrile rubber rollers on a hard plastic core, held by a metal frame with a wood handle. Nitrile Rubber will not deform under normal conditions, so these brayers are designed to sit on the roller. A nifty metal piece tilts the handle up out of the ink so your hands stay clean.

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Purchase Items

Holbein Soft Brayer 8.25" (210 mm) 1260-A3 $ 90.00
Holbein Soft Brayer 9.25" (240 mm) 1260-A4 $ 97.20
Holbein Soft Brayer 10.5" (270 mm) 1260-A5 $ 117.00