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Bare Book Jackets

These crystal clear Slip-on Book Jackets protect the exterior of our Bare Books. They slip over the cover and can be removed when you want to illustrate the book covers.  

SQJ-27 for all 6.3375" x 8.125" portrait versions

SQJ-18 for all 8.375 x 11" portrait  versions

SQJ16 for all 6.3375" x 8.125" landscape versions 

SQJ25 for all 8.375 x 11" landscape  versions 


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SQJ-27 SQJ-27 $ 1.29
SQJ-18 SQJ-18 $ 2.10
SQJ16 SQJ16 $ 1.49
SQJ25 SQJ25 $ 1.29