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Alvin Ice Tubes

These unique transparent PVC mailing and storage tubes are designed for anything that can be rolled, including charts, maps, blueprints, and posters. One end cap is sealed closed and the other removable. Tubes are UV-protective, moisture proof, and have removable, adjustable shoulder straps. Shrink wrapped. Lead and phthalate free.
Three Sizes in Choice of 5 Colors.
Alvin Ice Tubes
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25" Blue Tube MT25-BL $ 13.00
25"Clear Tube MT25-CL $ 13.00
25"Green Tube MT25-GR $ 13.00
25"Orange Tube MT25-OR $ 13.00
25"Purple Tube MT25-PR $ 13.00
37"Blue Tube MT37-BL $ 14.14
37"Clear Tube MT37-CL $ 14.14
37"Green Tube MT37-GR $ 14.14
37"Orange Tube MT37-OR $ 14.14
37"Orange Tube MT37-OR $ 14.14
37"Purple Tube MT37-PR $ 14.14
43"Blue Tube MT43-BL $ 17.10
43"Clear Tube MT43-CL $ 17.10
43"Green Tube MT43-GR $ 17.10
43:Orange Tube MT43-OR $ 17.10
43"Purple Tube MT43-PR $ 17.10
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