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Sargent Poster Paint Sets

 Tempera Poster Paints

Opaque and water soluble, these brilliantly colored paints sets are especially well suited for posters & projects for home & school.

6 Colors:  most commonly used colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White & Black.

12 colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White & Black, Violet, Gold, Orange , Brown, Turquoise Blue & Silver.

Rainbow Set: 3 primary colors: Red, Blue & Yellow.
    3 Secondary colors: Green, Purple & Orange.

Six neon paint colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Chartreuse & Pink.

Liquid Metals 6 colors: Antique Gold, Aztec Gold, Bronze, Copper, Gold and Silver.

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Sargent Liquid Metals 6-Set 665411 $ 2.82
6 3/4oz Poster Paints 665412 $ 2.16
12-3/4oz Poster Paints 665514 $ 4.50