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Conte Pastel Pencils

Conte Pastel Pencils
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Large diameter pencils with very fine, smooth colored leads. Leads are rich in pigments and strong due to addition of plasticizers. Can attain a definite and precise mark or line on a wide range of papers. Presence of abrasives provides excellent toning and stumping qualities. Can add relief to a drawing by fixing athe powder to paper with an adhesive.

Qualifies for flat-rate shipping!

Conte Pastel Pencil 2pk Black 50117 $ 3.47
Conte Pastel Pencil 2pk White 50116 $ 3.47
Conte Pastel Pencil 12 Set 2181 $ 20.57
Conte Pastel Pencil 24 Set 2182 $ 41.15
Conte Pastel Pencil 48 Set 2184 $ 82.37
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